The best way to perform a venue site inspection is to compare and contrast potential venues by doing-in-person site inspections.

With our predetermined important site details document each venue which could be suitable and ready by checking all details before your event starts! The venue size, the accommodations, the equipment, the supplies, the A/V, the F&B are few topics among so many others to be validated before to begin your event.

For a meeting planner their to-do list is simply very long, so let us be your support onsite and supervise all the details for you.

Given the many factors you need to consider, the key is to create and validate a well-thought plan to determine if the venue is in alignment with the overall concept and specifications required for your event.




Onsite event planning requires so much time that you will sooner or later find it to be too stressful and time consuming. Relying on a professional like an onsite event coordinator can simplify the process.

An onsite event coordinator is a different professional from an event planner. The event planner handles the preliminary process by suggesting ideas, making contact, contract negotiations and other necessary preparatory work.

On the other hand, the onsite coordinator is at your side during the event and handles the specifics of organizing the event. She has a more hands-on approach to dealing with all the on-premise operation processes therebye ensuring a smooth hasslefree event flow.

Instead of having to run around, do coordination, give orders and supervise the manner in which everything takes place, you can delegate these duties to the event coordinator. Work with such a professional event coordinator will give you a chance to take a look at the big picture while somebody else is handling the details.

Hiring an event coordinator will simplify the process and ensure the high quality of the event planning work. The hands-on approach of the onsite event coordinator will deliver the best possible results through the delegation of tasks to a knowledgeable professional.