Sourcing Venues & Suppliers

What we do to save you Time & Money

Contacting the right suppliers, waiting for their offers, negotiating the terms & conditions of the contract, etc., this workload is really time consuming, and that precious time could be invested in other tasks, maybe more important.  

At TINAKICHT GROUP, we know that looking for venues/hotels and other suppliers for conferences, workshops or seminars can take a lot of time & energy, especially when you don't know the destination that much.

On behalf of our associative clients, we manage all of these tasks from A to Z. We support them in finding the right suppliers for their events. Either you plan to organize your annual conference in Dubai or a workshop in the GCC Region, we can help you with that. The only thing to do is to send us the details of your event, and we can start the research for you!


The Conference Venue


The perfect venue has to work on several levels: Size, location, ambiance, facilities, accessibility and - of course - cost!

We understand that sourcing the right venue can be time consuming and stressful, however our specialist team do the work for you with our free venue finding service. To help you find the most suitable venue for your event, we will contact a wide variety of venues in your behalf and present to you a list a suitable options.

Saving you not only time, we will also negotiate as much as we can low price that includes everything you need. And best of all, we won't charge any fee for the service if you confirm the file with us.

We negotiate rates and packages with venues every day of the week, so when we negotiate on your behalf, we bring an impressive network of contacts and substantial buying power to the table. We really save you time, hassle and money.

First, without thinking about the venue itself, the very first thing to think about is to find the suitable location and city to host your important event. It’s not as easy as it can seem to find a convenient destination.



As we know that NGO’s and associations don’t have a lot of internal resources ; whether it’s for hiring a dedicated person to organize and manage the events within the association, or for paying agency fees, that’s the reason why if the event is confirmed with us, we have decided not to charge agency fees to our clients. In other words, using our services is completely free as long as all files are confirmed.

Should the events be cancelled or should the client finally decides to book directly or via another agency, we will simply charge a flat management fee for the time our team has spend working on the file.

Every year, we handle around numerous worldwide corporate events. We know that each client has different supplier sourcing requirements. For this reasons, we cater all elements of the event range from helping you find a venue to strategic advise through to providing an effectif managed events solutions that delivers real cost and time savings.

At TINAKICHT GROUP, we can recommend you cities to host your conference. Once you give us a bunch of information ; average number of guests for instance, we can advise you the cities with enough meetings & conference facilities to host your event. 

We can also tell you which cities are to avoid if you are looking for good flights connections, which is a very important point to think about before selecting the hosting conference city. The location where your conference will be held is without any doubt, the key point if you want an unforgettable & succesful event. If the venue doesn’t meet your delegates’ expectations, then they will have a bad souvenir of your conference and the results for years to come can be catastrophic.

The success of your event is on good hands with us !

We have direct contacts with big hotels chains, but also with smaller chains, independant hotels as well as with conference venues and congress centers. They know us and we are in good terms with them, and that’s the reason why they usually make their utmost for our clients.